Our Story.
The Inception of Kannan Handicrafts
In 1985, the late Mr. Vayyapuri Mannadiar, in his early fifties, founded Kannan Handicrafts in Palakkad, Kerala. His vision was to celebrate and share the rich tapestry of South Indian handicrafts. He chose a location next to the Vithunni Temple on Vithunni Road, Noorani, as the birthplace for his legacy.

Family Collaboration and Expansion
From the outset, this venture was a family affair, with his son, Mr. Kuttappan Vayyapuri, joining hands with him. Their collaborative efforts led to the expansion of Kannan Handicrafts in 1990 with a second store, underlining their commitment to the art of South Indian handicrafts.
New Horizons and a Return to Roots
The turn of the century saw the Mannadiar family extend their reach to Madukkarai, Coimbatore, in 2002, taking their exquisite craftsmanship beyond Kerala. However, in 2022, a decision steeped in nostalgia brought the business back to Palakkad, reinforcing their connection with their hometown.
A Cultural Milestone: The Kerala Mana
2023 marked a significant era with the establishment of a cultural Kerala Mana near Manalur Shivan Kovil, Manalur, Kannadi. This was a tribute to Mr. Vayyapuri Mannadiar’s vision and a celebration of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage, envisioned as a hub for traditional handicrafts. Under the stewardship of Mr. Kuttappan Vayyapuri, Kannan Handicrafts continues to honor the legacy of his late father, symbolizing the enduring beauty of South Indian craftsmanship and the deep-rooted love of the Mannadiar family for their cultural heritage.
A Legacy of Tradition: The Kannan Handicrafts Saga
The journey of Kannan Handicrafts is a story of a family’s commitment to their heritage, a reflection of the late Mr. Vayyapuri Mannadiar’s vision, and a celebration of the rich tapestry of South Indian artistry, lovingly preserved and passed down through generations.

What We do.
Beyond business, this is our passion.
From Kerala to the Far Corners of the Country.
At Kannan Handicrafts, we take pride in having a vast and happy customer base that extends throughout India, reaching from the vibrant shores of Kanyakumari in the south to the serene landscapes in the northernmost regions, reflecting our commitment to excellence and the widespread appeal of our traditional craftsmanship.
Cinematic Art Essense.
We offer a diverse range of handicrafts, from brass and bronze pieces to paintings, stones, doors, pillars, and a wide selection of furniture. What makes us even more proud is our close association with the film art industry, where we play a vital role in bringing the authentic Kerala heritage to life on the silver screen. Our unique properties have been featured in numerous cinematic creations, helping to immortalize Kerala's cultural legacy. Experience the pride and passion of Kerala's heritage through our timeless handicrafts at Kannan Handicrafts.
Our Mission: Crafting Your Home with Elegance
Embrace our vision of adorning your homes with the elegance of South Indian arts and crafts; we invite you to visit Kannan Handicrafts and experience a world of timeless beauty and unforgettable craftsmanship.

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